Senior boy and freshmen girl?

So I'm a freshmen in college and I met this super cool senior back in November we hit it off really well and we're texting and seeing each other. Whenver Hed see me in school he's come sit with me and my friends and hangout and every once a week or so id go over to his house to hangout or we'd go out to the bars and stuff. It was pretty causal but I always had a crush on him and he would always comments on my indtagrams or tweet and me and I was always his bff on snapchat, and then I found out he hooked up with another girl and immediately cut things off in fear of being hurt. After that him and I would kind of just be bitchy to each other, and eventually he started dating the other girl... I still wonder to this day if he ever liked me in the first place or thought I was easy to get with since I was an ignorant freshmen. Or if I rejected him and he just was pissed over that... He's also one of those frat stars who drives around in a 1k car and has jobs all lined up so I don't know...


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  • It's best to just let go and not think about what could have been or should have been

  • No, he was probably unsure about your feelings for him. Think about it, if he were just a shallow player, wouldn't he have made a move on you? If he never made a direct attempt to get pussy (i. e. making a physical move on you), then I don't think he's a player.

    What probably happened was that he met you, liked you, then was just never quite able to muster the balls to go for it. Are you really gorgeous? Did you give him any solid signs of interest? If you're really hot and act somewhat aloof, most guys will doubt their chances pretty severely. This causes lots of missed chances for guys who lack the strong self-belief to just push forward with a girl and get what they want.

    So bottom line, he wasn't really playing you at all, he just pussied out and never went for it.


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