Im asking a guy out to a movie. not bc its my most favorite activity but bc its simple and very close to both our apartments--is that ok?

weve hung out a lot and we used to date but haven't in a few years. and i just want to do somethiong simpler and low key for the first date.

I feel a bit weird about a movie bc normally its not top on my list of things i like to do. im usually more into hiking mountain climvbing camping basketrhball swimming archery animal interactive stuff... but in this situation its exactly what i feel like doing, bc its structured there's a beginning and end. plus you can't talk so its not even a querstyoion of sho;ld i talk and what will i say. I dont have to worry about what to say till after, at which point i can talk about the movie or whatever else occurred to me during.

is it ok to ask someone to deo something you ordinarly probably wouldn't be excited to do. is it false advertising, or ok as long as you sincerely want to when you ask?

and would you say yes, if you liked the girl/ guy, even if movies are not top on your list either?


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  • I'm a fan of the typical dinner-and-movie first date. The movie provides easy points of discussion, even if the discussion is "wow, that was a terrible movie!"

    • exactly lol. how much notice would you want?

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  • Yes it's fine.


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  • It's good, it's conversation material and it's a casual way to spend some time together.

    • yup i think so. how much warning would you want?

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    • makes sense. thanks!


  • Sure it's okay.

    Go get em' tiger.

    • lol , thanks.

      how much notice like how many days in advance should i ask. I don't know his schedule so..

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