Spending this much time together is it normal?

When I first started talking to my guy he wanted to hang with me 3 times a week we would hangout in morning hiking or breakfast or at night to go out to eat or watch a movie. I wasn't invited in his house until the 3rd time hanging out and no we didn't do anything sexual until a month later. Now it's been 3 almost 4 months and we hangout 2 or 1 a week for only like 2 hours or an hour. When it's at night we hangout for 2 hours I understand he has work next day most of the time but he didn't care the first time of how long we were together. And when I go over his house in The day time it's usually just 2 hours cause his parent or sister comes home. I've met his sister but by accident and haven't met his parents he's met mine tho. Is something wrong or am I just overthinking and wanting to spend too much time with him?


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  • It is normal.


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