He won't answer my calls or call me back, he won't answer my texts.

My question is what if you do all of these things? I mean all of them and take care of them tell them daily that I don't have eyes for any1 else but them and you don't want to be with any1 else ever that they are your world no matter what. When he says I make him angry I quit doing what makes him angry, I tell him all the time how attracted I am to him and how much I love him and how just hearing his voice in the morning makes my day wonderful. I love myself and I show it, I constantly try to improve who I am as a person. I don't ask for anything (I have a good job and take care of myself) we have been together for a year and a half, he is 8 years younger then I am but he is my world and I treat him like a king. I gave him my heart but a 5 days ago I dropped him off at work and haven't seen him since. He won't answer my calls or call me back, he won't answer my texts, I'm trying to give him space for whatever his reason's are so I'm not going overboard, I saw him online this evening and I just sent him 1 IM "I love you" and he logged off and I haven't heard a peep. I love him with my heart and soul, what do I do?

I'm trying hard to do all of those things. I am getting a divorce that could maybe have something to do with it? I don't always have time everyday because I am trying to be a good mom for my son and with his age he might not understand that.


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  • Well I think there must be more to this story...there has to be

    But maybe you are just too friendly...everything in excess is not good...you have to give a guy a good challenge somehow or another...like I appreciate a mental challenge...a girl that can hold conversation with me will never lose my interest...dont be too needy either...just give the dude his space for a bit if you really want him back...it will be something that he isn't expecting and will challenge him

    but in all honesty do you want a guy that will just get up and leave you?

    I know it might be hard...I had a girlfriend for 3 years that was super hard to get rid of but in the end you just have to keep yourself from trying to contact him if you want to end it...say just one more day...then add to that day...add to that hour...preoccupy yourself with healthy things like going to gym or chilling with friends but don't do bad things like drink or do drugs...just be healthy


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  • it sounds like you're smothering him :/

    its good to show you care

    but showing [ too ] much might make him feel like he's trapped.

    he also sounds like a young guy who has yet to "see the world"

    the only thing I can think of for you to do is give him his space

    and ask him what's bothering him, is there anything wrong, etc.

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