If we'e facing reality, does all a guy really need to get any girl he wants is good looks or a solid income of money?

For example being a good looking young guy like Ronnie Banks or being rich and owning a lamborghini, is this all he really needs to make his first impression automatically make a women fall for him at first sight?
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And this is talking about a FIRST IMPRESSION.


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  • It is not that simple. Those are not the only requirements.


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  • No all a guy needs is some confidence and to put himself out there. Cars mean nothing, I had a nice car and no girls talked to me cause of it, in fact guys would talk to me about it all the time. If you want to attract guys get a nice car.

    I've also seen plenty of average guys doing well for themselves in the girl dept. That first sight thing is a fairy tale man, cause how you gonna keep them coming back for a second or third sight?

    • Do you not know what a first impression is?

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  • Money means shit

  • Sadly it isn't that easy.

  • If your trying to make a good first impression sure money and good looks help but do you really want those kinds of girls? An average guy could do well just by dressing nice, nice shoes are a must, for some reason women always look at a guys shoes, then you need to have some confidence and a good rap to start, you definitely need to carry on good interesting convo with women. Remember your trying to make a good first impression here. You have to talk about something that keeps them hanging on each word, throw some good jokes in there.


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