Im texting a girl but?

ok so im texting a girl I met on tinder, this is the first time texting since msging on tinder one night. She responds to me but usualy quite fast but now hasn't for a while, maybe she's gone bed it is 2:20am here. But id usualy say good night first? wouldn't you? I waited like 5 days to first text her when I got her number, only because I've been busy and away. Do you think this annoyed her? When we text her texts are often short and she rarely asks me questions. Only sometimes things like "hows the show im currently watching" or something like that, nothing creative, I've asked her a few times has she anything she wants to ask and she says she can't think of anything? Does this means she's not interested or do you think she genuienly doesn't know what to ask. I've asked her quite a few questions which she always answers, but its like she's uninterested in my opions or just doesn't know what to ask. Other than this stuff she seems pretty keen. We msg'd none stop on tinder for around 3 hours into the early hours of the morning like 3 am or something the other night, thats when I asked for her number as I went to bed. But as I said only then texted her today 5 days later as I've been busy. I hope this hasny put her off.


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  • give her time.


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  • Ehh, Honestly bro, I'd let her text you sometimes, Why put in if there's no out?


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