If a girl posts about you on social media?

She'd forgotten her lunch today and as a surprise (as we were meeting up), I bought her favourite meal. You see, we don't know where we stand with each other. From her best friend I get an inkling she has liked me for a while. Yet she is hot and cold. Some days, we'd message on end, others, she'd ignore me for a few days. She's the busy, hard working type but.

So back to lunch, well when we left (she threw herself into hugging me), when I checked my phone later on, she'd posted a picture on her snapchat story (equivalent to a facebook post) 'when *name* brings me lunch :) :)'.

So what does it say about a girl when she posts about you?

  • She likes you, you're being indirectly shown off to her friends
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  • Friend zoned; nothing more, nothing less
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Funny thing but, she's gone cold on me again...


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  • she likes you.


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