What does this mean I really need help?

Ok so my boyfriend was mad at me for some reason and wouldn't talk to me and so I was talking to a guy friend that I was going to date but he got back with his ex's so were just friends but I was crying because it was a year since my niece died and so on the day she died my ex messaged me and said we need to talk about stuff so I said can we not do it today because its the one year anniversary that my niece passed away and my niece was born dead but he didn't reply for a week after I sent that so I told my guy friend i was going to brake up with my boyfriend and the guy friend was very sweet and kind and he said I should be treated like a queen and that I was his queen and on. So I messaged my boyfriend he finally replied and we decided to work this out and I tell my guy friend that and after that he started texting me like he was upset and all of this happen threw messages.. But the next day he chaned his profile pic to him and his girl friend and was talking about his girlfriend and etc .. So why is he acting like this after I told him I was going to work it out with my bf?


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  • ignore him.

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