Really need urgent advice?

I'm going out with a guy from work this afternoon and he's going to be coming back to my place, but for some reason my anxiety is so intense that I can barely think about it without almost crying, what can I do to stop my nerves and do you think there's a reason for them?


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  • Anxiety about what

    • Hanging out with him

    • With anxiety your the only one that knows how to calm yourself which is a problem. People that don't understand it will probably just tell you to get over it. All I can tell you is to just breath. Remember that even if you have feelings for him he's just another human being. It will be fine. No matter what happens it will be fine. When you get overly stressed about it honestly focus on your breathing. Box breathing can also help. Sorry I don't have better advice. The world will not end no matter what happens. If something goes wrong which it won't you will move past it

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