Guys, Do I tell him if my feelings are getting stronger and I think I love him?

He and I have been exclusively dating for 6 months and I've known him all my life. He was married for 13 years and I was married for 10 and we are both divorced. We get along together great no fights no issues, he's really laid back and I'm not use to it because the guys I was with before were assholes. So yes this is all very new, the drama free no fighting relationship. He wants to see me all the time, I talk to him all day every day I'm the first thing on his mind and last thing before bed as he is mine. I'm guessing what I ask is should I share my thoughts and if it help I'm a Capricorn and he is a pisces.

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  • You are over 30yo now, you can say things how you see them lol.

    • Thanks for mho. Did I help at all?

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    • Funny. I am just like him and I am a pisces too lol. Not that I believe in astrology though.

    • It really does make a difference in how to read personalities. But with you guys (Pisces ) we need all the help we can get lol

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  • Why not? You take a chance either way, but it sounds like a safe enough bet to me.

  • Sounds like a match made for a couple that love each other and would die for noone else..

  • I would say he's thinking the same thing, its just become unspoken out of fear. Tell him

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