Is it worth it to tell your best guy friend that you have feelings for them?

I've liked this guy for about 5-6 years now but we've always called each other bestfriends. I feel like we say that to cover up the fact of may having feelings for each other. But we hangout every so often and text and talk a lot. We always give each other advice and I'm start to get sick of keeping the fact I've liked him for so long a secret. People always joke around telling me or him that one of us like each other. But I'm scared if I tell him I've liked him for a while now, he may not feel the same and then it'll cause us to not be bestfriends anymore. I think it's worth the chance of maybe having something with him but I have no guts to say it. Any advice?


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  • I believe in telling someone how you feel about them


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  • You will never know, unless you try! Life is too short to hold in so much, just let him know how you feel.. 😊


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  • Just tell him! Don't hesitate, and even if he doesn't like you, if he's mature, he won't mind remaining friends with you. Do it before it's too late and he falls for someone else, and good luck :)

  • Please tell him, and tell him in person :)


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