Why would she still want to be friend with me?

We broke up 14 days ago but we've been friends and hanged out more than we did while we were in a relationship. Today, she found out I was cheating on her while we were in a relationship and cursed at me and never wanted to see me again. I confessed everything knowing I'll never see her again. Instead, she was thankful that I told her the truth and wanted to see me again..

We broke up because I was sick of telling lies of my feelings toward her. When she found out, she had a serious depression for days... this is 2nd time I let her down pretty hard.

Why would she still wanna see me again?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Because of your honesty maybe? She wants to keep the contact.
    I would not do if i were you. This relationship is already messed up.


What Guys Said 1

  • If she didn't want 2 see u then she'd not care bro... obviously she does!


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