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I like this guy and we've been intimate a few times. I feel like he was only using me for sex and hookups after 10pm this has been going on for 5 years and nothing is changing. What's sad is I still have feelings for this guy and get upset thinking about this situation because I've been rejected before by guys and they have gone off to find gfs and some even get married. It hurts so much realizing I can't be with this guy because the same thing will happen with him, and he'll go off and find another girl and will date her. He did once tell me he loves me, that was a first. I feel as though he meant it but not long after we stopped talking and drifted apart from eachother. We're still friends on Facebook but I know nothing will ever happen, just like with every other guy.


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  • I don't think you can get this guy outside of the role of friends with benefits . I do think you could make changes in your life that can score you more meaningful relationships. Everything has costs and tradeoffs of course.

    • I'm sure there have been plenty of people in 'friends with benefits' relationships that have started dating. This guy isn't very open about his feelings I actually heard from his friend that he still has feelings for me like wtf? He couldn't of just told me face to face, and not me hearing through his friend.

    • Glad to hear he has feelings. As for the whole 'fwb' thing, I just see a LOT of questions here on GirlsAskGuys from girls that are in them, and a lot of them fall under the "Why buy the cow when the milk is for free" clause (they never get anything more than sex out of it). I am sure completely legit relationships emerge from the arrangement, but is there any way to track how many? Probably not. Askers here are by definition a dependent variable, so you can't really use them.

      Anyway! I'm glad to hear he is still interested via his friend. I suppose its an extra credit question to figure out why his feelings are held so close (born that way, values, fear of something, etc..).

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  • I had that situation before and it sucks. There's chemistry sparks fly etc etc, but the blunt honest truth is: "if he wanted to be with you, he'd be with you". When he said "I love you" when did he say it? Was it just after or during sex? Because to be blunt again that usually means "I love having sex with you" and not "I love you". Maybe try being honest and direct with your feelings. Maybe he thinks you feel the same way about him, if it's never talked about or discussed no one will ever know. Is he aware that you want more from the relationship?


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  • Life is not all about relationships. Get out and jog, pick up hobbies and learn new stuff. For your sexual needs, do hookups at bars or masterbate. Good luck kiddo.

    • Coming from a 19 yr old lol!! I don't do random hook ups I'm 24 and looking for a more steady relationship, then just a one night stand. I never said my life was about relationships I'm a very active person and into my sports.

    • Well i figured people your age did hookups at bars. People my age hook up at parties.

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