Why would a guy do this?

why would he show signs of liking you, like talking to you all night.Example yesterday he said so are we going to bed now, and I was like if you want go but I'm staying then he said OK I'm staying too.As we were talking he mentioned a girl he liked and that he never told her that and if he had a chance he would tell her now.And I was asking him would you tell her you liked her or that you still like her?And he said that he likes her.S o why would he talk to me first always and show this signs when he likes someone else?

PS how to change my age because I accidentally putted it wrong?


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  • He has never taken you serious with his talks.I think for him you are a very good friend.

    Coz he shares his secrets with you.If he likes other girl then he is unknown about what you think.It mostly happen due to confused life and problems around surrounding.

    I'm still looking for any option available for changing age ,if got will send you method.


    • Yes but he also asked me stuff like do you like more blondes or brunettes?/What do you think of me?Have you had your first kiss yet etc.And asks a lot about me what I like , what I would want my boyfriend to give me for my bday and a lot of stuff.And he always talks to me first.

      Does that mean anything?

    • Yaah ,if we take him indirectly, he is asking a girls opinion rather than yours.As he can more understand his other girlfriend.

      But if he really mean then you should ask him why he is more intended in you.then he may clear his views.


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  • Guys can be nice and have friends that are girls


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  • Please contact us here with your correct birth date:




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