Should I leave him?

I've been seeing this guy for about 4 months now, everything has been going well. I really like him and he says he likes me too. We never had a fight either. But here's the twist, he has a girlfriend.. And I knew about her from the start, yet I dated him. It was my mistake to do it. He told me that he would leave her if I ever asked him to, but then again I felt sorry for her.. So I didn't ask him to break up with her. Recently I indirectly brought this topic up and he told me that he wouldn't ever break up with her. (Even if he does, he might do the same thing to me. Cheat on me with some other girl.) But I really really really like him and wouldn't wanna lose him at any cost. Any suggestions?


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  • Dump him, he's playing you. If he's going to do that to his girlfriend then he's going to do it to you. You could stay and be his friend with benefits but I think that will eventually end in tears. You could always make a sneaky move and make his girlfriend aware that he's having sex with you and see what can of worms that uncovers but I fear that if you did that and he found out then you would be for the off too. Very tricky situation. I think your only real course of action is to break it off with him. There are lots of nice guys out there who will treat you properly so while breaking it off will hurt a lot , you'll get over it and move onto better things. I really don't see where what you have at present will benefit anyone long term...

    • Yeah I could do that. He is an ass after all. Thanks.

    • Just be strong.. Take a deep breath and shout "GO AWAY NASTY MAN!!". cut off his sex and see how long he sticks around...

    • Hahahah we weren't sleeping tho. I think I'll make his girlfriend realize what kind of a guy he is.

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  • Yes your best to move on and find a guy who has no girl or strings attached
    to another girl

    • That'll be hard but I think I should. Thanks.

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    • His girlfriend needs to know what kind of a guy he is too. : he's cheating on her.

    • Yes he is not doing right by you or her i do agree with you , no guy should do that stuff to girls.

  • Yeah2 girls =fuck boy


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