The guy I'm seeing makes me feel like I'm full and boring. Is this normal? How do I change this?

I'm normally a shy and quiet girl, but with him i feel like this might come across as boring. I'm struggling to find things to say or how to be myself. I don't want him to lose interest!


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  • oh! it's perfectly fine... just ask him about his hobbies and interests and tell him yours... more you come to know about him, easier it will get to talk about various things... just be genuinely interested and have fun... before you know he'll say, "gosh!! you talk too much!!!"...


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  • you shouldn't try anything it should come naturally with the person, this may be a sign you need to search for someone else that will com natural too and not be so 'boring'

    • But I do like him though a lot

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    • it may be you do like someone, just be honest and ask the question. No harm in asking to see how he feels, and if he says no i dont find you boring then there's your answer he's perfectly happy :)

    • you could just be over thinking things like i normally do lol

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  • But you are boring.

  • You can't change who you are just be confortable with what you're like and it could be interesting enough.


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