Is it normal for a longterm boyfriend to hang out with another girl he dated just before we got back together?

Ok, so my current boyfriend and I have been together for about 3.5ish years. A year into our relationship, I had to do work for about 8 months across the country. Because distance was really hurting our relationship with each other and causing a lot of stress on both of our jobs, we both agreed to go on a break of sorts and then revisit things when I returned at the end of my gig (this is where the "ish" came from). During this time, we both casually dated other people.

When I returned, I didn't think we would be getting back together because he had told me about a girl he recently started hanging out with. Because of this, I started to get more serious with the guy I had been seeing during our break. This triggered him, apparently, into realizing that he might lose me for good, so he broke things off with the new girl. After a long talk, I agreed to end my relationship, and over the course of about a month, we worked on getting back together. Since then, things have been really solid and we've had an incredibly healthy open and honest relationship.

Fast forward to now, he recently told me that he and the girl he had been seeing made plans to get lunch in the next week and catch up. I was honest with him and told him is made me a little uncomfortable, but if he said things were good between us and it was just a catch up, then I'd be cool. He is also texting back and forth with her and on FB chat with her (he told me all of this). I'm grateful he is so honest with me and let's me know this, but there's just something about it that makes me really uncomfortable about him hanging out with her one on one.

Is it normal for a guy to want to just catch up with someone he casually dated a year and half ago? Do you think this could be him having doubts about leaving her to get back together with me?


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  • it might b a friendly date though, wouldn't it?


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  • I find that strange. I guess it depends on how serious things between them got. At least he's telling you about it though. Personally I don't see much reason in remaining contact with exes, and if you told him it made you uncomfortable he should be more considerate of that and put you first.


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