Why do ladies treat me like crap and not expect me to wind up hateful and bitter?

Not even bothering with details, just wondering.


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  • Is it because you allow it?

    • Actually no, I cut people out of my lives very, veeeeeerrrry quickly, I used to let them mess with me, now they're out with the slightest infraction because they never fucking deserved to even meet me.

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    • you are bitter, buddy.
      Just trying to understand you a little better.
      All the best.

    • Duh, I flat out stated I'm bitter, of course I'm bitter, I'm extremely bitter, and with good reason.

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  • Maybe they are correcting you and you might act different then them. Don't take it the wrong way see there side learn from it, and that's all it's going to be. Its probably nothing against you as a person you just don't see there side.

    • I don't give a shit about their side because they don't see my side either, they know nothing about me and pretend to know my whole story.

    • If you get upset then they win don't let them control your happiness. Be happy anyways.

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  • You probably dont look good enough to earn their respect, Sadly thats how girls function, Looks+Money = Frienship/Relationship.

    Personality comes later.

  • You have to learn to respect and love yourself. When you do that, you won't take crap from anyone. Then, you will start to gravitate towards women who will respect you. Without self-respect and self-love, you WILL end up hateful and bitter... and keep attracting TOTAL BITCHES!


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