Urgent! Please help with first "date" what does she mean?

Okay so I met this girl about 2 months ago. It was at a friend's party and I instantly was into her. Long story short I got wasted and passed out while one of my best friends got her number. He's been friend zoned hardcore and I hangout with her from time to time with a group of people and always flirt with her. About 4 weeks ago I asked her out on a date and she basically said no and that she wasn't "really looking for anything". All I wanted to do was hangout with her one on one to get to know her more and I told her I wasn't interested in just being friends. We didn't talk for 3 weeks and she setup a surprise to meet me at my good friends bc I've been avoiding them. I was surprised and we apologized to eachother and made up. She'll text me flirt with me now etc. Fast forward to now, I helped her mom moving stuff and told her she owed me a favor. I told her she owes me the chance to take her out to a nice dinner and she surprisingly agreed finally. But here's the thing. She said she's been in serious relationships and right now she just wants to "do me" and not having anything emotional with anybody currently. ALL I WANT TO DO IS HANGOUT with her one on one not with a bunch of people. Anyway we have a lot of common interests, we would make a very good looking couple, and just click with eachother. I told her I'm not looking for a girlfriend the next day I just want to give this a shot because she means more to me than any girl right now And she said okay cool that sounds good and she'll be excited to go out. I'd hate to find anothe girl but I will if I have to. My question is, em I really wasting my time? Or is it just going to take a good amount of persistence and space to make her come to me on an intimate level?


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  • She agreed to it, what's the problem

    • She said she's not interested in anything right now and I don't want to be wasting my time but I feel like to get her I have to really work for it

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