There's this guy I went to camp with who I became really good friends with after and I want to know if he likes me?

So my Youth Church takes us to the beach every year for camp and it's an amazing experience. This year we combined with a different church that was smaller, and there was this guy from that church who was stunning. Before we left for Alabamia (Where we'd go to Florida from the next day) he was staring at me... A lot. Then we left and on the bus I didn't really pay attention to him cause I was in the front, he was in the back. Anyways, when we finally got to Florida there were a few times he'd stare at me, towards the end of camp he'd stare more. When we finally left to go back home I got moved closer to the back with my girl friends and he was closer then on the way there. Our bus was pretty wild, we danced to a ton of songs, and sang songs like "Bad Blood" and "Shut Up and Dance" well during that, he was just staring at me, watching me with my friends as we dance and sang. Later he then literally made eye contact with me and danced for me, I thought it was cute. After camp, I asked for his snapchat and we instantly followed each other on all social meida accounts. We've talked all night on Snapchat non-stop and we've become pretyy comfortable with this. Recently he's been flirting a lot and I have to. He sends me these snaps telling me I look good and not to long ago he sent me a Snap saying "We should hang out sometime " which he meant alone and he listed places you'd only take a girl on a date, but i'm having a hard time wondering if he asked me on a date. He usually calls me "dude" which my sister said her boyfriend and a guy who's crushing on her calls her that. But im sort of paranoid he isn't all that into me. I'm not overlooking any of this and saying "omg he is totes going to be my boyfriend soon" I just want some opinions from people so that I dont screw this up.


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  • "dude" is a friendly term mostly, but yer sister might b right actually... anyway, personally i believe this guy likes u mostly coz of thos places he was suggestin 2 u... also he was starin at u as well!


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