Falling for a girl across the country?

Alright, so I met this girl on a site called MyLol, which is for "teen dating", except it's really only good for making friends and flirting. And I had been on there for quite a bit, so had she. We were both considered "regulars". Anyways, we started talking probably around the end of last summer, and she is just the cutest, sweetest girl in the world. We've kept in touch over the year even though we've been busy, and now our schedules have freed up a bit since it's summer again, and we're talking a bit more. But I don't just think she's cute anymore.. I'm really falling for her. She lives in Vegas and I live in Jersey. It's hard to live farther from her. We're both 17, and I don't know what to do. I love this girl. But seeing each other is impossible right now.


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  • maybe u can keep a LDR though... do u think she might like u back, or she's just seein u as a friend?


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