I don't know how I feel about this girl?

Whenever I see her or see pictures of her, my heart starts to flutter and my head feels really light. I can't stop smiling and sometimes she makes me so happy that I start to tear up (which is a bit odd). The reason why I'm skeptical towards my feelings for her is because I have absolutely no sexual attraction towards her. If I ever fantasize about her, it's never about sex. It's me imagining myself holding her hand, going on picnics with her, kissing her, or hugging her. People always tell me that it's impossible for a guy to like a girl if he doesn't have any sexual attraction towards her, and that men are innately "animals" that want to get into a woman's pants. I don't have any of those impulses towards her, although I did with other girls. I want to get to know this girl better, and if I ever decide to have kids one day, I want her to be the mother of my children. I see a future with her where we can overcome challenges together, hand in hand. (Corny and cliche, I know, but still lol) It's funny, because out of all the girls I've met in my life, this is the first time I'm acting like this. Am I just not sexually compatible with her then, or do I just really love her? Thanks. Update: *edit: I forgot to add this, but I wasn't sure if I really loved her because I don't even know her that well. I thought you needed to needed to know a person pretty well if you wanted to love that person. And I did mention in the details section that she is the only girl that I don't have sexual thoughts towards. I do towards other women, so I just thought that was pretty weird. I'm not homosexual, by the way.


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  • This is asexual love. A rare love. The emotional attachment to rather than wanting just sex. This is marriage material if she feels the same way.


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