Do I have a chance with guy on should I move on?

I've been on two dates with a guy, however they were two weeks apart with little communication in between and a cancelled date too.

However. When we are together, everything is absolutely PERFECT. we have the same views on everything, banter is great, and the physical attraction is awesome.

After our second date, he texted me a couple days later saying he'd been thinking about me a lot.

But a couple days later, he left on a month long trip, and I haven't heard from him since!

On our second date me said he'd send me pictures from the trip, but I haven't heard from him. And the thing is, there's another guy that I'm talking to that IS available right now for me to date, although the chemistry isn't as good with him.

Should I wait for this guy to get back and hope to God that he contacts me? Or will he have forgotten me by the time he gets back? Ughhh I don't know what to do.
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  • Hi, I can sympathize with you on this. I know that you are older than me and probably have more experience, but I hope for the best for you, and please don't give up. He seems like a very nice person. Have patience, and if he's worth it, wait for him.
    I hope everything works out for you :) I'll be cheering for you over here..


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