Is it really bad to kiss two guys at the same party?

i kissed a guy at a party and I had quite a lot to drink but most of it had worn off by the time I did it.. but then people said I kissed someone else too earlier (when I was actually drunk)

i feel rly sick bout it now.. and I don't know what to do :(

It was just a peck on the lips with the 1st guy..

2nd guy its someone I actually kind of like..
Its the 1st time this has happened.. I don't even usually kiss people just like that.


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  • well...its not bad...really. but its not good either. especially if you were drunk. people may start talking. but since it was just a peck then I don't think they say that much. you could just play it off as having fun. I mean who doesn't kiss more than on person at a party when drunk?


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  • Try to remember when you're drunk or really high on whatever you'll do things you would not otherwise normally do.

  • it's not really all that least you didn't fvck them...try to avoid drinking as much if you want to avoid a repeat though

    • Might hurt your chances with the 2nd guy if he knows, but still it was just a little kiss..not some full blown make out session

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  • I think just keep out of the drama for a while and stay away from those two guys and just continue with life. the only thing is that there will be people who gossip and they can talk all they want but only you and your friends know what went or didn't go down. and if it's just a small kiss then it's not a big deal. I haven't kissed anyone other than my boyfriend when I do have one but hopefully this helps

  • It was just a peck on the lips so no that's not bad, it barely even counts. As long as you don't have a habit of it you're good. BTW you should probably not get so drunk that you lose control over your actions.