Is he into this other girl?

I've been seeing this guy for about a year now, we just hang out and hook up. We had "the talk" (sortov) recently and that he doesn't want to lose me as a friend, but doesn't want anything serious. When I started seeing him he broke up his his girlfriend of 2 years. Let's call him Blake. We get alone really well together and have great chemistry.

Last month, he asked me to a 2 day concert with him. Work screwed me over the first night since they didn't give it off, so I was stuck only going the 2nd day. He was disappointed but still looking forward to having me. I met his guy friends at their hotel (I was the only girl) and once point overheard them talk about another girl that they hung out with the first day. And in line, someone recongnized Blake and asked him where the other girl was from yesterday. When I had a chance I approached one of his friends (let's call him James) about it and he said she's a friend of his and him and Blake are friends with her, but that he wasn't here for the 2nd day. James showed me a selfie off himself with her, and mentionned her name. She was very average looking and. I stalked Blake on FB the next day and he added that girl on FB, while I don't have him on it.

A few weeks ago when Blake texted me randomly late at night, I decided to pop the question for another music festival. He invited me to the last one, so I thought it was ok to ask. He never responded. I saw him last week and everything was normal, and didn't bring up the concert again.

The festival just passed and I saw on Instagram today he was tagged in a photo from the festival with that girl and some other friends (3 girls and 2 guys in total). So he totally didn't bother going with me to this one it seems and picked to hang out with this girls and her friends I guess. I'm surprised because Blake and a good looking guy and she isn't nearly as great. I'll be hearing from Blake soon as usual.. what should I do?


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  • Yes because looks, which are randomly determined by DNA, are such a huge deciding factor to go by when liking someone. Their personality and sense of humor? Fucking irrelevant.

    • Like I don't have a personality? Looks are important too but not everything. I'm an artistic person and have my little art studio room at my place. He's even said I'm weird I'm funny. We do get along really well being friends right now, I was just sketched out about this girl. It obviously seems like he wanted to hang out with her rather and be with me this time. I've never met her and don't know theyre situation, and I'm hoping for opinions on whether you think they have a thing going on or not.

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    • That's definetely something to consider, thank you :)

    • No problem, better think of it now then before it happens. Learn from my mistakes :)

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  • You need to let it go. He's like the other girl and I don't think that offending her is going to win over his heart

    • Yeah, he's looking forward to see me next time and everything went well. Now that I saw this, I don't know what to say to him when he gets in touch to hang out..

    • Say what's on your mind. Just don't badger her

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