I meet a really neat girl at bar but think I came on too strong?

i meet her at a bar , sort of saw her when i first came in , then saw her again on patio and started a conversation with her and her friends. i though it went well and i was really attracted to her and loved her body maybe too much. she just sort of did it for me and i wanted it too much , she seemed like a really nice girl who had it all , looks / personality , i tried to talk to her inside the bar as well and tough to determine her level of interest as it was loud and busy , but feel i might of came on way too strong and didn't go about things right as she sort of just left at end of night and i tried to talk to her as she was leaving and i didn't even get a way to contact her and felt she might of been annoyed with me. or she felt i had come on too strong

i guess question is do i need a better plan for when i meet someone in a bar? like how to go about trying to get to know them in a more approiate manner so they feel more comfortable? but i find some women finds bars uncomfortable to begin with and this girl hadn't really been to this bar before much as i had never seen her before. if i ever see this girl again should i even bother trying to talk to her or did i ruin my chance?


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  • The bar is not a good place to meet women that you want to date...

    They are uncomfortable to begin with because ever guy is hitting on them. Some girls do just go to the bar to hook up... But if a girl is just looking to hook up your going to have a very surface interaction with them.


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