Does he like me?

I was hanging out with my crush and somebody text him "Thank you for the dinner, I miss you already (;" and I started crying when I read that. After I cried for like 5 minutes, he started to cry too I said he just started to talk to this girl less than a week ago online and they only met up once upon her request, and that he was wrong to talk to her he never wants to hurt me nor see me cry. Then he called her right in front of me and said he already has a girlfriend and he would greatly appreciates if she doesn't contact him anymore. On his part, he will not contact nor see her anymore. Why does he have to end it with her? Why does he need to cry when he's the one that hurts me? Does he like me?


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  • He though he'd ruined his opportunity with you that's why he cried. This guy likes you.


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