Why doesn't my boyfriend call/text me for days?

my so called boyfriend never iniates texts/calls to me & would go days without talking to me. But yet when i call him he quickly answers the phone but will say he'll call bck but would never do & just stop talking to me for no reason. Like whats the deal, whats his problem, what type of boyfriend goes days without talking to their gf/significant other? why does he treat me so bad i dont deserve this? ... 😒😔


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  • I agree that this is weird, perhaps he doesn't feel he needs communication, but it's still weird. Have you tried to talk to him about it?

    • it just goes through one ear & out the other its a waste of time... 👂

    • Too bad then... well, maybe you should change your tactics. Perhaps if you tell him to do it for you and say that you feel bothered by not communicating enough he may try to do some more efforts. If it doesn't change, well, think about your relationship with him, maybe he isn't the right guy for you...

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  • if it was like this from the start of when you were dating then it could just be the way he is, but if it started after, then it could mean that he's not as interested anymore


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  • I don't think he really cares about you. If he did he'd take the time to call or text you at least once a day


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