Guys, Why go after someone to just bug off?

Things were going well said he missed me all the time. Talked on the phone said he thought he was fallin for me. Bugged off for two weeks when I asked if I was going to see him again he said he's a mess and has a lot of tgings going on. (All of which were going on before starting to talk to me).

He was kind of talking again then he got the flu and I asked how he was and his response was...

"I'm alive you make me such"

That's the last I've heard from him.

So why go after someone just to bug off? It wasn't about sex that's the only thing I can guarantee.
If anyone can explain what that last message ment it would be appreciated


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  • Maybe with all the issues he's been having, he needed some emotional support?

    • Well then why fuck off before the issues were done when he was getting emotional support

    • He seems very insecure or unsure of himself.

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