Guys would you be brave enough to test a woman you just met by going dutch ( taking her to McDonald's for example) on a first date?

I would. Would you? Or are you so desperate for female attention that you would be afraid to? If a woman turns her nose up at that, then she's not worth even being with. Its not about being cheap , its about having some appreciation. Its the thought that counts right? I'm not a jerk its just that there shouldn't be no expectations right?


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  • I think it's creepy if someone who I'd never met before wanted to take me out to a fancy restaurant. If we were both 30+ and coworkers then that would be different, but for my age group I'd think it was strange. IDC if I had to pay for myself. I'd like not worrying whether he was creepy or not (like stalking/controlling).

    • Why do so many people hat mcdonalds? I would want to get takeout instead of eating inside since it's filled with kids, but it's not that bad.

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    • @Floyd790 I agree. Heck, take me to Chili's if he wants to eat out. I love their food and it's inexpensive. The plate I get there is only $10. I am actually a pretty frugal person and can't stand wasting money. It's not about the money; it's about the effort and thought.

    • thanks for Mho.

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  • I've had a date where we hopped a fence and snuck into a drive-in theatre for free, another one where we went hiking and then just enjoyed to view from the top of the peak, another one where we just went to a park and played in the playground like kids, and a guy even took me cliff jumping and swimming too. All of them were free and they were easily the best dates I've ever been on. I agree that there shouldn't be expectations, but only when it comes to things like making the guy pay, having to go to a fancy restaurant, or even having sexual expectations of someone. I still think some thought should be put into the date though and both people should have a say about what they'd be doing.
    A perfect example of a date from hell would be a guy not even caring enough to let me have a say in the evening and taking me to McDonald's where I couldn't even eat anything on the menu. First dates are awkward enough, having to sit there sipping on Fruitopia watching some dude eat a burger isn't my idea of fun, especially because he'd probably ask me why I wasn't eating and then conversations about veganism aren't exactly super pleasant. I'd also get it in my head that if he thought McDonald's was a fun date, then he must not be an interesting person at all and would be super turned off. You can be broke as fuck and still do something cool for a date. I'd also be offended at the fact that he'd feel the need to "test me" as if I'm an appliance from a thrift shop.

  • I don't mind going somewhere cheap but if someone asks me out I expect them to pay just like I would expect to pick up the entire tab if I asked someone out. You are supposed to be thanking someone for their time, not showing how cheap you are.

  • That would be so lame lol besides I can't even eat at MD's cuz I get a stomach ache from fast food. Are guys these days TRYING ON PURPOSE to completely UNimpress women in the dating world, or what? haha

    • If you would've read the title I said I was just using Mickey D's as a example.

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    • Actually to an extent guys do need to try to unimpress the woman, otherwise they are more likely to end up with gold diggers that use him for their money. I am sure you have heard about guys that always complain about gold diggers, but then try to woo every girl they date by spending money on them. That is what guys have to avoid doing if we want to find a girl that likes us and not our money. Going to the more expensive restaurants, are things to reserve for women that are special. It is similar to how a woman might wait to have sex with a guy, until she is certain he isn't going to use her for sex. Most guys don't have a problem paying, they just don't want to get used. Both genders need to protect themselves from being used, but they get used in different ways.

    • Just because the guy takes me on a nice date does NOT mean I will use him for money. All women should be treated nicely on a first dates and not tested unless they give the guy reason to suspect she is a gold-digger. I don't believe in this way of thinking, it doesn't make any sense. To me, the nice guy will ALWAYS win, guys who think like you I would cross off instantly. Don't assume things about me until you get to know me.

  • I was in a similar situation and i learned now that if u really like a person you should do an effert to take him or her to a nice place, not necessarily very expensive but much nicer than Mac, taco Bell or BK. In my case the first date the guy treated me and we went to Applebees for our second date we have to go to a similar place not cheap like fast food restaurants and i will invite him this time cause he invited me the first time. In fact I was joking with this guy weeks before that since it was my time to inivte him I would take him to Mac and I was teasing but the guy did not find my comment funny that I was thinking in taking him to Mac. He even told me that if I take him to Mac he would not go out. Like you see Mac is a cheap place to go to eat with your potential date, if u like a person you should take him or her to a better place. Maybe with your friends you can hang out to Mac but not with the guy or girl you like. ANd this guy I like since he is into healthy eating my comment of eating at Mac even if i was joking was kind of insulting for him.

  • So... how many lucky ladies have you bagged by letting them know through your actions that their time isn't even worth a cheeseburger?

    • Plenty. Over half of them I didn't even have to take them out

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    • I don't like McDonald's and I certainly don't think it's a great idea for a date, I wouldn't blame a girl for thinking less of a guy who suggested meeting up at McDonald's or a similar place. I just dislike the notion that the courting process should involve the male expending resources to make offerings to keep the girl interested.

      Perhaps I'm too idealistic or naive.

    • @Bysshe

      I personally disagree with spending oodles of cash on first dates, because you have no idea what that person is like, so it's just throwing money away.

      A male shouldn't have to expend resources to keep her interested. But pulling stunts that asker described is exceptionally petty.

      My boyfriend asked me out on a date and bought me a pint of beer and we just sat there talking for hours. That's it. Grand total spent: £3. If he turned around and asked me for £1.50, he'd never see me again.

      We also invite friends over and cook dinner or order takeaway and foot the whole bill, because it's just a nice thing to do for your guests.

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  • No, I don't think I would. Why? Because I'm not eating that crappy ass fake food.

    The way I see it, it's not a matter of being "brave" vs. being "desperate for female attention." I see it as putting her through a test, and to me that means I'd be playing games.

    I'm not at eating McDonald's, and I'm not playing games either. And I'm certainly not desperate.

    • I just used that as a example of going dutch.

    • I'm not really worried about that kind of stuff.

      I don't need to take her to McDonald's or insist we go Dutch in order to decipher a woman's intentions. And if I was clueless as to her intentions, then I probably wouldn't date with her in the first place.

  • I could make sandwiches and have a picnic at the beach for the same cost. It's about using your head, not your wallet

    • That's a good idea too.

    • I'd love if a guy did that.

    • Agreed. Heck, I'll make the picnic lunch if he asked. I'll even offer to do so. It's not about the money.

  • I wouldn't do it just to do it. If I really, really, really craved McDonald's, then sure, I'd explain and suggest we go there.

    But as a guy you don't want a girl taking you crappy places just to test you.

    And on a date you want both people to have a great time. That should be the main aim.

  • To be honest, I wouldn't like McDonalds. That food isn't food, I barely ever go there.

    If I invite someone to eat somewhere, I tend to offer to pay - hopefully not because "it's expected of the male" or some shit, but because I invited them.

    Alas, if you split the bills and everyone pays for their own, that makes sense too. Whoever is offended by having to pay is a valid option to be weeded out in the process.

  • I would go dutch, but I wouldn't go to McDonald's, that's not a place for a first date. Sure, it's the intention what matters, but your actions show what type of guy you are, and going to McDonald's on a special occasion just proves that you're not willing to go big when it's time to go big. I'm not saying a 5 star restaurant, but a fast food place is the worst place you could take a date.
    But like I said, I will go 50-50 on the bill, if she thinks she's entitled to a free meal just because I'm the man and 50 years ago we were the ones expecting to pay, well, she's not the girl I wanna be with anyway.

    • If you have to "go big" then the intent doesn't matter because if it did, you wouldn't have to go big.

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    • you're an idiot creep
      And scumbag

    • @melissa9299 What does that have to do with my comment xD You even commented the same thing I did xD

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