How to have great first kiss with someone?

I just want to hear what tips everyone has to have a great kiss. How do you set it up? What kind environement do you go for? What are your do's and dont's?


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  • mine was when i was a little drunk but omg it felt magical really like we both felt lust and love somehow and i was breathless i felt on heaven not because of the alcohol because of the feeling of our lips faces and bodies connected <3


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  • Use about half of your tounge, dont touch teeth, don't force your tounge in just kinda "introduce it" unless if she has kissed before, don't DO NOT SWAP SPIT, I've learned that many times and for the love of god do NOT make eye contact while kissing, close you're eyed for the love of god it will ruin you're first kiss, hope I helped you pal and good luck


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