Girls, is it ok to steal a girl from her boyfriend?

Iv known this girl for a couple years now. At first it was very appernet that she liked me and was coming on pretty strong. I didn't really feel the same way so we slowly stopped comunicating. recently (within the past cople months) we have started talking again. She still seems interested, but now she has had a pretty serious boyfriend for about 9 months. The more we talk and hang out the more i realize i actaully love her, and i know for a fact she is still interested in me. I went over to her house earlier tonight and we eneded up kissing. Just once and it was quick, but we both liked it. I quickly left afterwards and now dont know what to do. I love her with all my heart but she has a boyfriend that she loves. But then why did she kiss me? I really need help. Any advice welcome :)
i know but she kissed me. i wasn't even thinking of making a move. what do i say to her?


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  • No, it's not okay :/

    • I know its not. But i dont know what to say to her. She kissed me. like i had no intentions of making a move on her.

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    • thats the thing. i DO want to be more than friends, but i dont want to get in the way of her relationship. i just honestly dont know what to do. What if something else happens if we hang out again this weekend

    • I know...
      But you should try to back up, when that happens.
      Tell her that you can't do it and feel uncomfortable because she's already in a relationship, and see how she reacts?

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  • It's up to the type of girl your attempting to steal.. She must not be as confidant in her current relationship to have kissed you. Perhaps she's confused and worried about hurting either of you. You just need to make sure she's worth fighting for because no matter what outcome happens someone will get hurt and she will feel guilty. Perhaps she already does. Good luck. That's a crappy spot to be in.

  • She has a boyfriend, you knew that.
    Back off. It'll get messy.

  • dont try to ''steal'' her... if she likes you enough.. she will end it with her boyfriend..

  • Nope. If she wants you she will end it, dont interfere by kissing her or such, just not a good idea.

    • the thing is she kissed me. i wasn't even thinking of making a move.

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    • so lie to her? because i want to be with her more than anything. but i dont like the fact that i am separating her from her boyfriend

    • If you dont like that you're seperating them then back off, if she really likes you she will end it with him for you.

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