In a horrible cycle of using guys before I get used?

Where to start 4 years ago I was a nice girl who really love the idea of love. I fell for the wrong guy and he fucked me up completely. I lost all my confidence and started to not trust guys anymore. I promsied myself I would become numb to my emotions for guys and would start playing them instead. It took a while but 4 years later and I am finally here. I use guys before i get used, I have sex with them and leave them hanging and I don't feel bad about it. I don't know... I thought I could save myself from the pain I felt 4 years ago but now I just feel empty and numb... I want to feel something for a guy again and I am scared I never will..

what do i do?


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  • Fear is the one thing that will change you, it will ruin you. Just gotta put yourself out there... you know the warning signs... it's all about taking a chance and if you fall brush yourself off and persevere onward. no one wants a life that is governed by fear

    • I agree with you... but for me it's the challenge of not knowing how to even be with a guy anymore. All I can think about is games, and even if I try to be genuine i feel nothing for the guys... I get bored and start talking to a ton of other guys it just sucks. I just want to be able to like a guy again and be faithful.

    • It'll be like learning to walk for you again huh... the best way is go for someone you like and engage in a relationship, when you get these urges just also think of the negatives it incurs... yit will take some work for you to shake this lifestyle you've grown accustomed to but when you see things through with that right someone the rewards will be great and happiness will replace that emptiness you are feeling and is driving you to these poor descisions.

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  • Jesus one guy is bad and you crucify all of them, no wonder you feel this way.

    • One guy was bad to me but there has been many who have been horrible to my friends. I've never met a decent guy.

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    • Don't blame me blame the douche bag who turned me. I used to be the sweetest most naive girl. I probably wouldve done everything for a guy I cared about but you guys don't give a shit about that and take us for granted and cheat on us and shit. Women are always loyal from the start. It's men who are not necessarily even douche bags who fuck us up.

    • No no no, don't try blaming him for your actions, take some fucking responsibility. You had two options, A. Be a bitch and use men, B. Keep trying until you find someone that actually respects you.

      As a nice guy I turned into a douche for awhile to get girls, it worked of course but I still didn't feel like me. So I stopped doing that and would rather be myself, it's not a good feeling knowing you got a girl because you didn't act like yourself.

      Everyone has a moment of weakness, you allowed yours to continue on for 4 years, now we're at this point. I know you don't like what I'm saying but I'm telling you the truth, I'm not here to be your friend.

  • if you think having sex with a guy is using them or hurting them, you are seriously mistaken, I thought you would write something like, let them buy me all kinds of stuff and just tease them.

    What you should do , is get your friends to introduce you to a guy friend. These type of relationships should start out more slow ( like not just one night stands) since you guys have nutural friends.

    • I use them for their money too.

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