Deal Breaker or not in a relationship?

1. BF/GF does not shower until you insist they do because they are smelly.
2. BF/GF constatnly farts in public while with you.
3. BF/GF constantnly farts around the house.
4. BF/GF does not own a car or licence but uses public transport and does not expect you to be their taxi service.
5. BF/GF is constatnly belching.
6. BF/GF sits around home all day and is not either going to univeristy or working.
7. BF/GF Texts you and gets mad if you do not reply within 5 minutes.
8. BF/GF is living at home with their parents.
9. BF/GF keeps tabs on you. Wants to know where you are at all times.
10. BF/GF searches through your mobile phone.
11. BF/GF wants you to ditch all your friends of the other gender.
12. BF/GF picks their nose all the time.
13. BF/GF smokes cigrattes.
14. BF/GF is moody.
15. BF/GF uses the slient treatment with you instead of talking to you becuase "you should just know what you have done wrong".
16. BF/GF's car breaks down often, they do not have much money.
17. BF/GF is not atractive looking.
18. BF/GF has enough money to support themselves but does not have enough money to buy you expesive materlistic things.
19. BF/GF has children from a pervious marriage or relationship.
20. BF/GF is going through a hard time of depression and feeling low.


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1,6,10,11,16.. Those are the worst for me the rest may cause bickering here and there but I'm pretty laid back. However, if anyone is 1-20. Then they need to make some changes just to be happier with themselves!


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. Ain't gonna be okay with me.
    2. Wouldn't be good, cause I'm often in places of high standards.
    3. Maybe if its not annoying..
    4. I'm cool with driving her around so we good.
    5. Nope. Not cool.
    6. Depends on the person...
    7. I respond quickly so we should be good.
    8. I'll get over it..
    9. Not if its like an obsessive think she always does...
    10. I'm fine with it... I use to let my girl see borrow my phone all the time.
    11. Well usually not cool but right now I really only have guy friends so for now were good.
    12. Not if they don't do it in front of me.
    13. Probably a deal breaker, unless you are otherwise the perfect girl for me.
    14. Dealt with it before, I can deal with it again.
    15. I'm pretty stupid sometimes so if it's a valid reason, I'll get over it.
    16. I'm fine with it.
    17. I'm to shallow sorry.
    18. I'm not materialistic.
    19. I'm cool with it.
    20. I don't give up when things get rough. We'll work through it.


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What Girls Said 1

  • 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. No
    5. Yes
    6. Yes
    7. No
    8. No
    9. Yes
    10. No
    11. Hell yes
    12. Yes
    13. Yes
    14. No
    15. Yes
    16. No?
    17. No
    18. No
    19. No idea :c
    20. No


What Guys Said 1

  • 1, 7, 9 and 11 would be the biggest for me there. I can pretty much look past most of that but those three are like the worst in my opinion


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