Girl Asked Me To Go Clubbing-Hit on her friend too?

I went to high school with girl (Girl A) and graduated a year before her. I've lost a lot of weight since then and I am much better looking now than back then. She always says something like "damn you look good" when I see her unexpectedly.

Recently she asked me for help with an online test for her college and I helped out. While I was over there I sent a Snap to a friend of hers (Girl B) that I don't know but I added her after Girl B posted her name on Girl A's Snapchat. Girl A then asked me why I haven't been to ladies' night with her. I'm planning on going this Thursday.

Based on how the conversation went down, it made me think that she's trying to set me up with her friend. It was just my inital thought. It's hard to explain.

So I'm going to have fun and grind with Girl A for sure; but what about the other girl? Go for the number? I know she'll more than likely run and tell Girl A everything no matter what, because that's what girls do. I don't want to ruin my chances with Girl A because she's really hot.
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  • i'd rather stick wid gal #1 if i was u and better forget bout #2.. also i'd tell #1 i'm more into her than her friend


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