Am I in over my head? Or is this just how it goes for some people?

! I was raised happily in a low income family. I'm dating a guy I met at college two years ago (dating one and a half years!) and we get along great!! I brought him home for spring break this year and he was very comfortable with my mom and our simple home. Recently, His parents insisted we visit for the first time so we spent this past week there. He's nothing like his parents, but they made it clear that I'm not what (or who) they were hoping he brought home. He says he doesn't need their approval and knew they'd react this way. Yet he never defended me or "us" to them. When he spoke of his home life he never gave much detail so I assumed it was rough. He is actually very close to them and acts very proper yet cold and almost snobby, completely different from how he is while at home with me. They are very wealthy and not very kind. Is it possible for us to be happy with his parents being so openly against our being together? Why do you think he didn't give me a warning after being together so long? Should I be nervous that he can act like two very different people?


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  • I think he didn't say anything because he doesn't give a shit about what his parents think. To him their opinion matters so little that he deemed trying to convince them of your worth a waste of his time. He probably never talked about his family cause he knew how snob they are and that they would probably disapprove of you. He sees them often because after all, they are his parents. He probably acts cold cause that's how he learned to be with them. I think he shows that he doesn't care that much about what his parents think. He'll do what he feels is right to him. I think you can be with him yes.

    • Your right. I'm sure he just acts how they expect him to around them. He is already back to normal and acting like last week never happened. He joked and asked if we could do Christmas at my moms so he still speaks long term. Thank you

    • See? It's an act... :-)
      He probably won't ask you to go see them that often. Just once in a while to prove to them you're not dead and maybe at your wedding lol

      I wish you happiness miss...

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  • he must really like you and not wanted to turn you off with the whole "i am rich so i am better than you thing" just keep your head up and push through if he does not need his parents approval then he thinks you are worth it.

  • I guess at the end of the day it is important that you two get on not necessarily that you get on with his parents. He may act differently with you because he feels more comfortable and himself around you. Not getting on with his parents may be tricky in the long run but in time they may come round and stop being snobby.
    He may have been defending you while you were not there and just didn't want to have an argument in front of you. Maybe he knew they would act this way and that was why it took a while for you to meet them?
    I wouldn't worry too much, hopefully they will come round. He probably feels more comfortable around you and that is why he is different.


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