The step from dating to a relationship. (Guys please answer)

Hi! So I'm looking for a little feedback on this one.

Ive been seeing a great guy for a few mos. Were really comfortable and interested in one another. His job requires him to leave for a month or so at a time, which to me, isn't a problem. When we talked about a relationship, he basically said he didn't want to get into one because its not fair to me that he's leaving again, but wants us both to not see other people..

he then went on to ask what the difference a label will make if were together anyway

i don't get it.


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  • I'd want the relationship lable. I'd want to know there was level of commitment above just not seeing other people. I don't know how long a few months is. Six months I'd need the lable; because, I'd like the relationship to be progressing. Two months I might want to wait it out a little; so, I didn't lead the girl own. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks for your input :) yeh I get what your saying about how it could be a little soon for the title, I just don't want to end up getting screwed over. I'm 22 and I'm over the annoying games. lol thanks

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  • R you sleeping w him?

    • I wasn't until recently.

    • Well diff people have dff stds but if a guy is sleeping w u, wants it exclusive, but doesn't want it to be a relationship, and you want one, all you can do with that is a. keep sleeping w him and feel crappier and crappier or b. leave him and find and get what you want

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