What should a guy do if he only attracts big women?

I tried in my 20's to date big women. I used to try a "overlook their appearance and focus on personality." approach. I stopped doing that because I didn't want to live a lie. I never could attract the women I wanted. Iwould love more than anything to get a woman I'm truly attracted to. I never expected to get a 10, better yet a 9,8, or 7. I would be satisfied with a 5 or 6 . the women I tried to fake it with I never hold their hand, never took them out on a date, never introduced them to family or friends. What should I do? Fake like I like them and live a lie or just be alone? I know that my genes are the reason why I can't attract the women that I would very possibly want to be with.


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  • date whatever you call big women


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