Girls, How to get a girlfriend?

what to do to be not single?


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  • If you're looking for a lob lasting relationship, or at least one that's worth your time, just start talking to the girl you're interested in. Show her your personality and be kind. Don't be intimidated just because she is beautiful. Remember, we are all humans inside too. We all like to be completed and we all have fears of rejection. Just make sure she is comfortable enough, then ask her out on a date.
    I am wondering, are you more of an introvert or extrovert?

    • i am more introvert

    • I see.
      If it helps, I want to say for sure that even introverted guys can be attractive and liked by women. This is coming from a girl who is currently in love with an introverted guy.
      I think it's most important when finding a relationship to feel confident in your own skills, have a positive attitude, and be approachable (smile if it make eye contact, body language etc). The guy I like is pretty shy, but what is great about him is that even though he does not talk much, he gives the feeling of openness that makes others want to talk to him.
      Sorry this is getting kind of long.
      But all in all, be approachable and start some conversations with people, (I know it's harder for an introvert but don't give up!) and seriously.. It will pay off.
      by the way thank you for giving me the MHO.. It's my first :) good luck on this!

    • no problem. your answer is honest.

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  • If there were a simple answer to this question, no man would be single.

    I guess:
    Be attractive, be smart, be polite, be kind, be funny, be a gentleman, be compromising, be honest, be faithful, etc...
    So... basically be perfect if you want to get a girlfriend asap.

    - not possible - either of those things

    • i'm not a perfect i am gonna cry :'(

    • My point was - no one is perfect, but if there was such a thing that person would get a gf/bf that very same day... But no one can really handle perfection - so they'd probably lose that significant other soon.

  • Be sweet! don`t forget to be a gentleman.

  • Be confident, loyal, fun, and put yourself out there!

    • I have a desire to have a beautiful girlfriend. what to do to get a beautiful girlfriend?

    • Talk to a beautiful girl :)

    • Will she reject me because she is beautiful and many guys like her? she is around with many guys...

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