The man I'm dating says he has bipolar and bpd. What should I suspect?

I realized I should have said expect. Argh sorry guys
Does alcohol often cause someone with bpd to rage?


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  • BPD? Well BPD people are manipulative, they never stop lying, they almost all cheat often. very often. Look it up online. If he is NPD - run away. Even shrinks won't deal with them because they lie so much and they manipulate their shrinks - hard to help them.

    • Do you know from experience? What do people with bpd lie about? How do they manipulate ppl?

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    • yes. but that article is dealing with only one type of borderline. Many are very passive aggressive, so you won't notice the outward "hater" phase

    • Thanks, it scares me that people last so long in relationships with people with bpd.

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  • significant mood swings (euphoric highs and depressive lows). that's really about the most you can expect

  • I'm also Bipolar. All you can really expect is major, sudden mood swings. He will go through phases called depression (sad, slow, sullen), hypomania (normal - more or less), and mania (happy, rash, and energetic). For me, i start the day with hypomania, and then by the end of the day I'll either be in depression or mania, but i will rarely transition more than once a day. And it usually goes: hypomania, mania, hypomania, depression, etc. etc. i rarely go straight from mania to depression or vice versa, which is why my condition is mild. But it can be dangerous and hard to handle if he is the type of person who can suddenly go from mania to depression or vice versa. Also, he may be different than me in the frequency and intensity of his phases. He may have more distinct or less distinct phases than i do, and he may transition more than once a day, or less than once a day.

    Just be prepared on how to cope with each of his different phases, and learn how to know when they are coming. When he is depressed, be caring, affectionate, encouraging and bubbly to try and cheer him up. When he is manic, try to discourage him from acting out, but don't try to be controlling over him or he might feel 'trapped' (i sometimes feel this sensation during mania).

    Its not as bad as most people say unless his condition is abnormally extreme. All it is are major mood swings, its nothing harmful.

    • Thanks! Can people ever start with depression at the start of the day and then mania by the end of the day?

    • Yes. Almost every bipolar person has a different frequency, intensity, and order of phases. So you need to find out how intense each of his phases are, how often he switches, and which order they tend to be in. Just look for patterns.

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  • I'm bi polar and it can be difficult! Remember we are rarely dangerous to other people like its suggested. We are more harmful to ourselves. Another common misconception about bi polars is they are rapid from up to down all of the time. This simply isn't true. We go through cycles of depression, mania, and stability. There are also different types of bipolar. Type 1 is more intense with full blown manias and massive depressions. Type twos never experience a full mania, go through what is called hypo mania.

    Mania is a period of time where the sufferer experiences constant high every emotions. They can feel elated with their nerves practically electrified, they have an insane sex drive, prone to fits of rage, can be a happy charming center of any room, and also tend to go on spending sprees.

    The depression can be just as bad. It gets to the point of suicidal. Bi polars experience this kind of stuff due to a chemical imbalance in the brain.

    There are many medications to help treat bi polar however, many doctors want to prescribe too many things, and it can take a while for the sufferer to find the remedy that works for them. Also they tend to go off of their meds from time to time. Is bi polars are practically known for it. Mania can be addicting so some of us will go off in hopes of achieving that. Or sometimes after a depression gets better we tend to think we're cured and stop taking our medications.

    Many people with bi polar disorder also have substance abuse issues. It's because we self medicate to try to balance our constant racing thoughts and anxieties, to battle depression, etc etc .

    People with bi polar can be difficult to love, extremely good in bed, and all around special. If your boyfriend is willing to get the proper medical treatment and sticks to his remedy however he can be quite normal. It all depends on the person.

    • Bpd is sort of like a cousin to bi polar but they tend to have more rapid cycles. They are known to be very manipulative and a lot to deal with. But not all are cheaters or bad people. It is more difficult to treat and I am kind of confused that your boyfriend was diagnosed with both disorders. Could he maybe have the wrong doctor? Those two illnesses are just rarely if ever diagnosed in one person. The cycles just don't match up to be considered both.

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    • He said he was diagnosed as having bipolar in high school but now has bpd too. I have read about how they're comorbid

    • He could have rapid cycling bipolar which is more similar to bpd.

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