EU, people, do you think a relationship between a man and a woman from two EU countries is more interesting than an ordinary relationship?

I think I've read something that such relationships are even encouraged by Bruxelles or some government institutuin there.

I personally would love to have a British or Dutch girlfriend ^^

What do you think?


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  • My parents are Danish and English. And live in Belgium. I'm glad I have a bit of both worlds. But I often feel alienated: neither Belgian, Danish or English.

    Regarding the relationship, both parties need to be happy with where they're living. Because people often have family and freinds, whom they will see less. So it can put a strain on the relationship.

    But if both people are happy, why not?

    • Do you speak both languages perfectly then?

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    • I would definitely love to have a British or Dutch girlfirend, I hope I'll find a great girl at university !!!

    • Thanks for MHO and best of luck on the British or Dutch girlfriend :)

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  • If by more interesting you mean more nerves lost over cultural differences in approaching things, it certainly is.

  • I consider it similar and ordinary too.


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  • How exactly do you mean? You mean two different countries?

    We feel like a lot of us grow up in mixed cultures, so there's some natural tension or absence of it in an older generation and or culture that did not mix as much.

    I've had way more success with foreign girls in general, than within my own culture that is naturally a bit suppressed. At the same time I've been more attracted to foreign people, I bet that partially had something to do with it