Should I end things?

I'm in a ldr we text every day and tell each other things for the past two years. We both love cars and we have so much in common !! He has just got a new job so he will have a company car , I asked him earlier is he excited about what car he will get? He then said oh I found out the other day and it's a etc... . I know this seems silly but I felt upset he didn't share this with me and he has said we are close !! Maybe he doesn't see me as part of his ode anymore? He doesn't share things with me anymore :( does this mean it's maybe an end for us?


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  • Job changes are stressful times so, if all of your misgivings stem from his very recent behavior, it may not be significant. And, if that is what's going on, suck it up and be a supportive girlfriend because guy's notice that stuff.

    If you want to find out whether it's the end, maybe you should suggest that you two go out of town together for a weekend. It's short notice, but this weekend would be a great time for that.

    A weekend alone should answer your question. Either you will reignite the spark or you will realize that the flame has been extinguished.

    Good luck!

    • I know it seems silly of me but I was so excited to hear what he had got , I just feel I'm not that important in his life anymore. It's not about a car !! It's little things I have noticed , we are meeting in a couple of weeks :) I just feel maybe he's bored with me?

    • I think this sense of being a low priority is an inherent problem with an ldr. Another of the inherent problems - and I hope you are not experiencing this problem - is trust. Good luck with your meeting.

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  • Waaaaay overthinking this, big time.


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  • No, that's ridiculous. End it over not telling you about a car?

    • No it's not about the car it just feels maybe he doesn't tell me these little things because he finds me boring? I know it seems silly to you but I just feel I'm not important to him anymore

    • He might just be under a bit of stress?

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  • Yeah! He did not tell you about his company car! How dare that little meanie!


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