I like her but she keeps suggesting other girls, What can I do?

We have worked together for several years. Every so often she'll joke and say "Have you got a girlfriend yet?" Then she'll suggest differant girls, ask if I like them and tells me I should ask them out. It upsets me that she tries to find dates for me. How can I hint I like her by being subtle incase it goes wrong. An annonymous note perhaps? But I don't know what it would say.


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  • To be honest, it kind of sounds to me like she has picked up on the fact that you like her and that she unfortunately does not feel the same way. If I liked someone, there is no way I would be suggesting to them other women.

    • this right here... is spot on!
      I do that! I'll suggest other girls if I am not interested.

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  • By not hinting her, and just tell her straight up...

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