How old is already too old for a woman to be a daddy's little girl?

I get how it's something some of us have to go through when meeting up with the father, probably even following the curfew given and having patience. But is there a point where the guy shouldn't be doing that anymore when the woman is already older?

  • As soon as she isn't a minor anymore 18+
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  • After the age of 20
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  • When she's already 25+
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  • She'll never be too old
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I go for B, by then I think she's old enough to make her own decisions. I'm dating her, not her father.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would like to think till when we're already in our 20's. That's about the time he started to tone it down.
    However, I have to say he still held his hatred towards my then first boyfriend (nope, I'm not longer with him and it didn't work out) from the time I first met him... I was 19 then till when I was a couple months shy of turning 25.

    Dammit, he wouldn't get over it when the guy didn't promise what he told me long ago and well the one I lost it to.

    • He doesn't think too much by now and with that guy, we're just remained friends but not close friends, just distant friends. He calls once in a long while just to say hi.

    • I'm now 28.

Most Helpful Guy

  • When you're a father I imagine that your children never stop being your children.


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  • I will forever ask for my pocket from my daddy even when I m fifty!


What Guys Said 1

  • It never ends for many...

    • That would be an issue for me. If I were dating a 25 year-old woman that still was under that situation, I would think I'm not dating an adult (I would be assuming that's already a woman with experience that knows the dating world and also what she wants). I would probably encourage her to start making her own decisions.

    • Look for a real woman...

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