Best friend jelouse or just over protective?

Okay so I'm in a long distance relationship it's been going on for a year a half so far we're nuts about each other he makes me happy

I've just spent 2 weeks with him for the first time he couldn't go 2 minutes without physical contact and I had a blast

but before he left I took him to the airport and while we were walking I could feel that he was shaking he kept tel ing me he didn't want to go he wanted to stay with me and he started crying causing me to cry too I felt like I has being torn apart

I love him and he loves me I don't need to prove anything to anyone about this relationship but my best friend is a stubborn cow who kept saying he was putting it on and he isn't good enough me even though he loves me for me and I love him For him

my qoustion is (just to rub it in her stuck up face and get her to shut up not to clarify anything)

1 - dose this mean that he really truly dose have feelings for me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • if i was u i'd simply tell her "mind yer business". if u love him, and u trust him don't mind wot other people tell u

    • To be honest I already did but she just won't shut the hell up

      But yeah... Thank you :)

    • u r welcome

What Girls Said 1

  • She sounds like a bit of both.
    As for your boyfriend it seems like he has feelings for you.


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