Should I kiss woman on the first or second date?

I have heard that it's the most repeated mistake when guys dating a girls, so what's your opinion on this one? I literally didn't date anyone except that one girl and I want to have more knowledge as I don't have that much experience in the field of dating.

  • Kiss her right away on the first date
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  • Kiss her on the first date only if you know her personally for example close friend, classmate etc
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  • No, wait until second date
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  • Other (comment)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Whenever it feels right.

    • The question now is when does it feel right?
      Sorry but I'm a hopeless romantic...

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What Girls Said 1

  • When she gives you the signs that she's ready. I don't kiss on the first date because we don't know each other well enough at that point. The guy I'm dating now didn't try to kiss me until our fifth date.

    • lol and what are the signs that she's allowing you to do this? I always have problem with "what's the right moment" to kiss a girl.

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    • Well I will need to be a walking encyclopedia to notice all that since I'm usually freak out in the meaning that I'm always very nervous while dating. Hmm what is a "normal period duration" of a hug you would say?

    • Usually our hugs were for like a second or two, but that one was like 4-6 seconds long and it just felt.. different. Like more intimate somehow, I mean he held me closer and it was more of a full body hug- not a "friendly" hug.

What Guys Said 5

  • When the timing is right and when you have the right chemistry or connection. The number of dates doesn't really matter as long as it went well for you. Usually however it usually happens the second date for me

  • First or second date

  • Kiss her on the second.

  • Mostly people do that on second date :)

  • A kiss on the cheek is usually pretty harmelss