Is 19 too young to start online dating?

I just feel quite lonely right now and i'm thinking i might give it a try. Am I too young or should I just let it happen when it happens?
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  • I started dating online around 15, not the best thing to do, but after talking to so many people I know what I prefer in someone. I know what traits I can't deal with. I know how to safely meet up with people and how to be selective with who I'm meeting. I feel like I got a lot of positive from it. I personally didn't have any bad experiences and at 19 I can't imagine you being incapable of making good decisions. It's important not to put your "wants" before your safety. That's really all I can suggest.

    • This answer has all I need. Thank you :)

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What Girls Said 2

  • No, when I move next year I also plan to start online dating, and I'm your age basically. I just haven't met any decent guys in real life that are looking for the same things that I am. I think with online dating you get a bit of background information about the person before actually seeing them, which helps develops a more reliable relationship.

  • No, do what you need to :D I've had a couple of online relationships, once when i was 15 and once when i was 17 so it's not too weird or anything
    (i didn't meet them on dating sites but yeah)


What Guys Said 1

  • You could try it but you may not find many your age except on hook up sites


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