My booty is gorgeous on the outside but nasty as hell on the inside?

I've never been intimate with a guy precisely because of this reason. My body is banging- but my skin is horrible. It's discoloured, I get severe razor bumps, and I have stretch marks all over my ass even though I'm skinny! Also, it's dark between my legs and my whole bum is dark.

But I look fantastic in clothes. I look great naked too, shape-wise, but my skin utterly ruins it.

How would a guy feel about that? Would they care if my ass is dark and full of stretch marks, even though it's perfect and plump and round?

Be honest! I'm ready to hear anything.


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  • I have a feeling that your ass isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    • Seriously... it is exactly as I described.

    • Well I have a bad imagination, and I wanted to make a subtle ass crack joke.

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  • I think if he really likes you, he'll look past your skin and enjoy you as you are. If not, it's his loss, right?


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  • Why not... sstretch marks are a natural thing... and discolouration is from frictions?

    Shave bums don't matter I get em on my ass when I shave there too... who cares

  • I personally wouldn't hold it against you but a remedy is to tan it!

  • if the darkness is not because you haven't been washing yourself too often, and you're healthy, I don't mind at all.
    Else I'd be worried


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