What do you think of "playing the field"?

What are your thoughts on playing the field?
By that I mean, if you go on a date with someone one week, then the next week you go on a date with another person and just keep your options open?

  • I don't support it, they are nothing but a player if they play the field
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  • It isn't as bad as people make it sound
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  • I support it, that is how you find out which person to become exclusive with
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I find this very interesting that all the girls find it not okay, and all the guys find it okay.
What is even more interesting is the fact that my crush, who is a girl, is playing the field. So she obviously agrees with the guys perspective


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  • Playing the field aka. Spinning plates, is very effective. I owe nothing to a potential partner until we have become exclusive, so I could care less if they think I'm a player. It is simply never a good idea to limit your options or sources of intimacy.


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  • I don't like it.


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  • as long as you are honest and not cheating, manipulating, lying to people to me it's fine

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