A Car Accident Report?

Do they show the SSN of the people involved?

Thanks for all the replies.


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  • greeneyedgal is 100% right.

    Your SSN is not on your DL


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  • No. more than lucky the report will have:

    1) Name of person(s) involved in the accident and last known address for each

    2) Make/model/year and license plate numbers of vehicles involved in the accident.

    3) Driver's license numbers and car insurance policy numbers of the parties involved.

    4) Version of the events that led up to the accident by those involved and any witnesses.

    5) Notation of any citation given to the party responsible for the accident (if applicable).

    6) Drawing of the vehicle(s) to show where damage(s) occurred.

    7) Weather conditions on the day of the accident, time, date, month and year.

    • Thank you soooo very much.

      I thought so..but I have never had or seen a real one until I caught my ex in a lie.

      He made up a report, which did and does look athentic, everything but the ssn number.

      The time in question was when he went off for a week back in July with a "friend" no one has ever met or heard about.

      He showed me the report because I suspected him of sneaking off to see his ex.

      That is what I needed answer, thank you so much.